Diving in

the cenotes and caves

Discover the secrets of the Maya!
For the diver, the main attraction is an excursion to the heart of the world's largest network of underground rivers. During the Ice Age the water level dropped. The limestone rock was not very stable, so the rainwater began to erode, forming in this porous rock a gigantic system of caves with stalactites and stalagmites, columns and crusts.

The underground galleries system was submerged again when the sea level rose. Seawater flowed into the deepest caverns pushing the fresh water upwards. The separating layer between salt water (approx. 28° degrees and fresh water (approx. 24° degrees) is called "Haloclyne". When crossed, it mixes causing impaired visibility for a period of time. The collapse of the underground vaults caused openings. The cenotes, sacred places for the Maya and sources of water, are openings to the mysteries of these labyrinthine gallery systems.

As the water is crystalline, thanks to the filtering effect of the limestone plateau, and pleasantly warm, the excitement of exploring these cave systems is all the greater. To visit them, you need specific training, or participate in guided dives. The well-trained cave diver will be able to live almost unlimited experiences. He immerses himself in these wells to advance towards the darkness of the labyrinthine gallery systems and through the beam of his lamps, he sees a bizarre universe of columns and pillars while diving, between stalactites and stalagmites, from one room to another. The low current as well as the temperature of the water, make these caves a spectacular paradise for caving divers with endless possibilities for photographers and cameramen. Adequate training and equipment are, of course, the essential conditions.

For divers, without caving certification, guided dives are organized in the cenotes and they can move only in the parts that still receive daylight.

In addition to the necessary supervision for guided dives, Yucatek Divers also offers the appropriate technical training.

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