Depth 18 to 30 meters

Medium to high current.
Drift dive: cross your arms and hover comfortably on the reef.
It is a flat reef, made of corals and sponges (very beautiful barrel sponges), which slopes down very gently from 16 meters. As a rule, the dive takes place between 18 and 25 meters.
In Tortugas you can find everything: limefish (or purse fish), angelfish, porcupine fish, squid and moray eels; but above all admires the many turtles - they are used to the presence of divers - who eat and rest on the reef. You can get very close to these fantastic animals. In summer, you come across huge schools of tarpons (Megalops Atlanticus), most of which are the size of a diver. They let themselves be carried by the current, and divers are surrounded by these huge but harmless fish. In winter, hammerhead sharks and bull sharks are frequently encountered. An unforgettable dive site, and ideal for all levels of training.

  • 2 tanks dives (entrance bracelet to the « Marinepark Caraïbe»
  • Equipment rental per day: $6.- wetsuit, $6.- BCD, $6.- regulators, $6.- dive computer

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