Our mission

Purpose - Vision - Values of Yucatek Divers

The goal of Yucatek Divers is to provide an excellent quality service for recreational diving. We do what we love and we love what we do. We are professionals who share their passion for the underwater world and we pursue our vision of being the number 1 dive center in the Riviera Maya. To this end, we favor the following points:

Complete satisfaction of our customers

Each customer is a unique, special, and so different human being from other customers, just like the region of the world they come from. After listening to him and understanding his experience, his qualities and his wishes we offer him a program of courses or diving that will exceed his expectations.

Team spirit

We believe in the absolute strength of enthusiastic collaborators who work towards a common goal where everyone uses their individual strengths and recognizes the commitment of each member of our team. We strive to promote the development of our employees by involving them in the decisions to be made regarding their work, and by giving them the opportunity to train, learn and develop individually.


Quality and safety

We are convinced that quality and safety go hand in hand and that achieving progress is a path that never ends. We are committed to impeccable quality in all our decisions, and we respect all the safety rules of sport diving.

Conservation of our environment

We are active in environmental issues and problems and we support and participate in projects for the conservation of our environment, as well as in the reef protection program.

Integral value

We believe and care for a culture that, through our dive center, takes care of and advises other people. All our contacts are friendly in nature, based on honesty, trust and respect.



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