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Yucatek Divers is a PADI Gold Palm Resort

PADI's definition is :

Quality of service and excellent diving offer differentiate a PADI Gold Palm Resort from other dive centers. The centers that have this distinction guarantee unforgettable dives, customer satisfaction, the safety of divers and the underwater environment. This is a plus to offer you an even more competent service from beginner diving to wreck dives or adventures with sharks.


Distintivo M

Hyperbaric chamber (SSS)
The decompression chamber in Playa del Carmen is affiliated with DAN. It is your professional decompression center that covers all medical problems. Employees speak several languages and the centre is open 24 hours a day. Permanently an English speaking doctor is reachable by phone. The centre is funded almost exclusively by donations. All kinds of treatments are offered whether it is an emergency, a diving accident or not.


Secretaria de Turismo

In February 2006 Yucatek Divers was honored by the Mexican Tourism Secretariat with the "Distintivo M". Only modern tourist shops with excellent customer service can receive it. We are very proud to have been honoured with this distinction.



APSA is the Association of Diving Centers and Water Activities of the Riviera Maya. As APSA members, we are professionals committed to ensuring your safety, while providing quality service, and safeguarding our precious environment.

APSA members have been tasked with setting performance and safety standards for the Riviera Maya diving industry. Your safety, like ours, has always been at the center of our priorities. APSA's mission is to develop a training and certification program that is now a mandatory standard for all cave and cave guides. APSA members are also affiliated with the modern SSS Network of Hyperbaric Chambers, located in Playa del Carmen, specializing in the treatment of diving-related diseases and medical emergencies.

APSA is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our unique and fragile environment. Our teams work closely with local and federal agencies to safeguard our marine life, reefs, and the large network of underground rivers. Whether it's organizing a simple beach cleanup or lobbying our government to declare our marine reefs protected, rest assured that APSA will remain vigilant on environmental issues.

When you choose an APSA dive center, you can be sure that on land or underwater you will be accompanied by diving professionals at the service of your satisfaction and safety. Whether you're about to take your first dive under the sea or maybe an Advanced training in Technical Diving, make the best choice – choose smart – choose APSA.

When you dive with APSA, you dive with the best.
More than 200 dive centers are located on the Riviera Maya. Of these, only a handful are qualified by the Mexican Tourism Secretariat. They comply with the safety standards of given qualities. Yucatek Divers was honored with this distinction.



What is DAN ?         

DAN stands for Divers Alert Network, which means in English: "the alert network of divers".

DAN was born in 1980 on the initiative of a few internationally recognized scientists and university professors, and this simultaneously in the USA and Italy, because they understood how much the management of diving accidents required specific skills that were not usually present in current health structures.

In addition, DAN brings its expertise for diving medicine problems, conducts scientific research on diving safety, organizes courses and congresses that aim to increase the understanding of the medical phenomena inherent in scuba diving in order to increase the sense of responsibility of each diver, provides financial assistance and assists hyperbaric centers in developing countries.

DAN's mission is to maintain an international network of alarm centres, active 24 hours a day, in the event of an emergency, which guarantee each diver specialized assistance worldwide.


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