The cave experience

Open Water certified divers can dive into the caves with normal equipment and under the guidance of a specially trained guide.

Your guide

The guides for the caves are certified cave divers (Full Cave Diver), and who have the instructor's certificate. These qualified guides have complete equipment for the caves, and are equipped with oxygen and a first aid suitcase. After successfully completing the full Cavern Guide Program, they receive a special patent.

Special safety limits that divers must respect:

  • Diving within the limit of the natural light area
  • Passages should not be too narrow. At least two divers must be able to stand comfortably side by side
  • Application of the air consumption rule of a third part
  • No decompression diving
  • Always follow a golden line
  • Diving ratios: guide should not exceed 4:1

The golden rule when diving in caves is:
Each diver can decide to stop diving at any time and without reason.


Training ;

Cave diving is not a training program. After this experience, interested divers can take a diving course in the caves.

Without special training, all divers in this particular environment - which can be dangerous - must at all times be accompanied by a guide specially trained in cave dives.

Breadcrumb Trail :

During an excursion to a cave, divers must follow the breadcrumb trail, and not stray from it by more than one arm's length. This wire leads back to the open air.

Lamps :

Each diver must be equipped with at least one underwater lamp in working order: each diver must leave the caves with at least 70 bar of pressure in the bottle. The rule of one third should be used.

Equipement :

Nothing should hang :

Pressure gauge, emergency regulator, etc., must be securely attached or fixed

No snorkel :

Its use is not possible in a cave

No knife :

In the unlikely event that a diver gets entangled in the breadcrumb trail, the guide can help him at any time. He has the tools and training to deal with this situation and guarantee the safety of divers at all times.

Less lead :

Since we dive in fresh water, we need less lead than at sea. A ballast check is carried out before the dive.

No gloves :

In case of poor visibility, the breadcrumb trail can be better followed without gloves


Give up only your bubbles, kill only time, and take with you only memories.

Nature protection

Do not use sunscreen or mosquito spray, as these products damage the ecosystem of caves. These caves are unique, fragile, and the damage cannot be repaired. Do not touch any decoration (stalactites and stalagmites) and do not stir the mud deposited on the bottom. There may also be ancient artifacts and traces of the ancient Mayan civilization.  It is forbidden to make graffiti, to leave the imprint of one's hands, and to bring any object back from the caves.

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